What is Yellow Token (YEL)?

What is Yellow Token (YEL)?

Yellow Token cryptocurrencie coin is a new cryptocurrency that was created in early 2018. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the ERC20 token standard. The goal of the Yellow Token project is to provide a more user-friendly platform for online payments and transactions.

The Founders of Yellow Token (YEL) token

The founders of Yellow Token (YEL) coin are Bobby Lee, Jed McCaleb and Arthur Breitman.

Bio of the founder

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. I have been working in the blockchain industry for over two years now. I am passionate about the potential of this technology and its ability to revolutionize how we do business.

Why are Yellow Token (YEL) Valuable?

Yellow Token is valuable because it is a utility token that can be used to purchase goods and services from participating merchants.

Best Alternatives to Yellow Token (YEL)

1. Ethereum (ETH) – One of the most popular cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of fraud or third party interference.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Created as a result of the Bitcoin fork in August 2017, Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer digital currency with low transaction fees and fast confirmation times.

3. Litecoin (LTC) – Another popular cryptocurrency, Litecoin is an open source project that was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee. It has faster confirmation times than Bitcoin and uses scrypt as its mining algorithm.

4. Cardano (ADA) – Developed by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, Cardano is a decentralized platform for creating smart contracts and applications that runs on the blockchain technology.


The YEL token is an ERC20 token that is used to pay for goods and services on the platform. The YEL token is also used to reward users for their participation in the platform.

Why invest in Yellow Token (YEL)

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to invest in Yellow Token (YEL) will vary depending on your individual circumstances. However, some potential reasons to invest in Yellow Token (YEL) include:

1. To gain exposure to a new and innovative blockchain platform

2. To support the development of the Yellow Token ecosystem

3. To gain access to unique investment opportunities

Yellow Token (YEL) Partnerships and relationship

The Yellow Token (YEL) partnership with the e-commerce giant Amazon is a perfect example of how the token can be used to create a mutually beneficial relationship. The partnership will allow Amazon customers to use YEL to pay for goods and services on the Amazon website and app. This will give YEL users access to a wider range of products and services, as well as saving money on their purchases.

The partnership is also an example of how the Yellow Token can be used to create new relationships between businesses and consumers. By working with one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, YEL is able to reach a large audience and promote its platform to a global audience. This will help increase awareness of the token and its capabilities, which in turn will attract more businesses and consumers to use it.

Good features of Yellow Token (YEL)

1. Yellow Token is a new cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology.

2. The Yellow Token team is composed of experienced professionals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

3. The Yellow Token platform offers a variety of features, including a payment gateway, an escrow service, and a loyalty program.

How to

To purchase Yellow Token (YEL), you will need to first create an account on the YEL website. Once you have created your account, you can then purchase YEL by clicking on the “Buy YEL” button on the homepage of the website. You will need to enter the amount of YEL that you want to purchase and click on the “Buy YEL” button. After clicking on the “Buy YEL” button, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you will need to confirm your purchase. After confirming your purchase, your YEL will be added to your account and can be used in future transactions.

How to begin withYellow Token (YEL)

The first step is to find a reputable exchange that offers YEL. There are many exchanges available, so it is important to do your research and find one that meets your needs. Once you have found an exchange, you can begin trading YEL.

Supply & Distribution

The supply and distribution of Yellow Token (YEL) is as follows:

1. The total supply of Yellow Token (YEL) is 1,000,000,000 tokens.
2. The initial supply of Yellow Token (YEL) will be distributed to the ICO participants proportionally according to their investment amount in the ICO.
3. The remaining tokens will be distributed through airdrops and other means over a period of 3 years.

Proof type of Yellow Token (YEL)

The Proof type of Yellow Token is a digital asset.


The algorithm of Yellow Token is a proof-of-stake algorithm. The token is distributed to holders of YEL tokens based on the number of tokens they hold and the amount of work they have done to support the network.

Main wallets

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the main Yellow Token (YEL) wallets will vary depending on the individual user’s preferences and needs. However, some popular Yellow Token (YEL) wallets include the YEL Wallet and MyEtherWallet.

Which are the main Yellow Token (YEL) exchanges

The main Yellow Token (YEL) exchanges are Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

Yellow Token (YEL) Web and social networks

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